Future Platforms

While our initial focus is youth restoration beginning with improvements in skin and appearance, future areas of research and development include solutions for microbiome-related health issues:


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Genitourinary syndrome (GS)

GS is estimated to effect 50-90% of menopausal women. A disrupted vaginal microbiome can result in painful symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, and loss of libido. All of which are not only damaging to womens' health, but also curtail their everyday lifestyle. Realize Therapeutics is developing a ground breaking formula to restore youthful libido and mitigate these symptoms.


SIBO (small bacterial overgrowith)

SIBO is a condition related to excess numbers of bacteria in the small intestine, and can be linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Research clearly shows that certain microbes are very effective at treating SIBO and related issues. Realize Therapeutics is developing formulas to address these health problems.



Metabolic endotoxemia is a condition estimated to affect 33% of the western world. This occurs when bacterial metabolites such as lipopolysaccharides enter the bloodstream and have been highly correlated to a variety of chronic diseases. That this condition begins with imbalanced intestinal flora makes it particularly susceptible to Realize Therapeutics treatment strategy.

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