microbiome restoration
and modulation

Healthcare practitioner’s offices are becoming overwhelmed with patients who are overweight, obese, pre-diabetic and diabetic (Type-2). Practitioners are frustrated with the lack of results using conventional treatments that come with significant side effects. Patients suffer with poor outcomes while placing a substantial burden on the healthcare system.

Realize’s novel approach is to see these disease symptoms through the lens of a disrupted microbiome. Our proprietary  microbes with endocannabinoids provide a new way to transform health.

specific microbes coupled with endocannabinoids and nutrients that modulate microbiome composition

Based upon the work of Dr. William Davis, Realize formulations employ the therapeutic strategy of restoring specific microbes with  endocannabinoids and nutrients that yield Microbiome Restoration and Modulation. This provokes endogenous chemical production, particularly oxytocin, and normalizes blood sugar and body weight among many other significant biomarkers.


William Davis, MD, Co-Founder & CMO,

is a cardiologist and expert in gut and heart health, with 25 years of clinical experience and is an expert in the field of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and the human microbiome. A leading advocate of nutrition and proponent of wheat and grain elimination, thousands have experienced dramatic health benefits as a result of Dr. Davis’ programs.

Dr. Davis’ research on lost keystone species in the human microbiome led to investigation of the Lactobacillus reuteri microbe’s oxytocin-inducing effects on body weight, diabetes, and healthy aging.


Mark Nottoli, Co-Founder & CEO


Mark Nottoli, Co-Founder & CEO, is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and investor in the healthcare space with numerous exits. Passionate about applied science, Mark has repeatedly licensed intellectual property from academic institutions and globally commercialized novel nutrition products.

A pioneer in cannabis, Mark co-founded CanopyBoulder in 2013, the leading early-stage ancillary venture accelerator, with over 100 startups. Inspired to develop novel health solutions with microbes and cannabinoids, he is dedicated to advancing Realize Therapeutics worldwide.

Roy Bingham, Co-Founder


Roy Bingham, Co-founder, is a Harvard MBA and former McKinsey consultant, a serial entrepreneur and, most recently, co-founder of BDSA, the leading cannabis data firm. Previously, he was SVP of Renew Life, a $100 million probiotics and digestive care company in which he ran the direct-to-consumer and Healthcare Practitioners’ (HCP) divisions. Additionally, Bingham co-founded several nutrition and information businesses. Having personally suffered from C. difficile enterocolitis and irritable bowel syndrome, Bingham maintains an abiding interest in microbiome research and development.

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